Jung-Sik Completes a Virtual Internship at Lam Research

Justin (Jung-Sik) completed an internship at Lam research this summer! Located in Tualatin, Oregon, Lam is a semiconductor company, mainly producing the processing equipment used in etching and deposition of thin films for the fabrication of integrated circuits. Justin worked in the deposition product group where they develop the advanced deposition technique. Due to COVID restrictions, his internship was remote, primarily reviewing the literature regarding ALD processes of phase change memory(PCM) and ovonic threshold switching(OTS). He investigated the state-of-the-art technique in PCM and OTS and suggested promising material candidates for the ALD process. Throughout this internship, he learned about the current market trend in semiconductor memory field and detailed fabrication processes of a wide variety of electronic devices. Virtual internships are a great (and unique!) experience!