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Gregory Parsons, PI, Celanese Acetate Professor

Parsons’ research explores chemical reactions on surfaces, particularly for formation of thin films by atomic layer deposition. He joined the faculty at NC State in 1992, after a postdoc position at IBM TJ Watson Research Center. His research interests include: Atomic Layer Deposition and Related Processes; Physics of Electronic Materials and Devices; Polymer Fiber and Film Formation, Coating and Chemical Surface Modification; Metal-Organic-Framework (MOF) Materials and Thin Films; Advanced Energy Storage and Solar Energy Conversion. His expertise also includes: Thin Film Transistor (TFT) and Flat Panel Active Matrix Display (esp. AMLCD) Devices and Manufacturing, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Plasma Enhanced CVD, Plasma Etching and other processes.

 Postdocs and Research Staff

Chris Oldham, Senior Researcher

Hometown: Apex, NC via Federal Way, WA
Education: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University
Joined the group: September 2009
Research: Chris’ research interests focus on using vapor phase processes including ALD to develop novel nanoscale coatings for fiber based material systems.  Within this area of research we are investigating new methods for scaling the ALD technology to meet demands of high throughput manufacturing required by industries where advanced textile products are routinely produced. Through his startup VaporPulse Technologies, he works to commercialize technology developed in our lab.

Bruce Ash, Senior Researcher

Hometown: Apex, NC
Education: B.S. in Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University 1985
M.S. in Electrical Engineering, North Carolina State University 1989
Joined the group: March 2019
Research: Bruce is working on using ALD coatings as protective barrier layers on polymer substrates.

Ph.D. Students


Heather Barton

Hometown: Hudson Falls, NY
Education: B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University 2015
Joined the group: January 2016
Research: Heather studies a range of MOFs and their efficacy for various applications.


Seung Keun Song

Hometown: Yeongjiu, South Korea
Education: B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Material Science, Chung-Ang University 2014
M.S. in Chemical Engineering and Material Science, Chung-Ang University 2016
Joined the group: January 2017
Research: Metal and metal oxide selective deposition.


Siyao Wang

Hometown: Henan Province, China
Education: B.S. in Polymer Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University
Joined the group: January 2017
Research: Siyao focuses on fiber forming of a new class of high surface area nonwovens, named polymers of intrinsic microporosity (PIMs). Siyao is co-advised by Dr. Saad Khan.


Amanda Volk

Hometown: Lake Forest, Illinois
Education: B.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Alabama 2016
Joined the group: January 2017
Research: Oxidative Molecular Layer Deposition (oMLD).


Holger Saare

Hometown: Tartu, Estonia
Education: B.S. in Physics, University of Tartu 2015
Joined the group: August, 2017
Research: Building and operating an integrated UHV surface analysis/ALD reactor system to study area-selective ALD and atomic layer etching processes.


Zijian Dai

Hometown: Liaoning Province, China
Education: B.S. in Non-woven Materials and Engineering, Nantong University 2013
M.S. in Non-woven Materials and Engineering, Donghua University 2015
Joined the group: November, 2017
Research: Zijian is a visiting PhD student focusing mainly on MOF growth on sacrificial fibers with improved catalytic performance.


Leah Granger

Hometown: Flowery Branch, Georgia
Education: B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics, Clarkson University 2016
Joined the group: January, 2018
Research: Co-advised by Dr. Donald Brenner, Leah studies multi-scale modeling of energetics at interfaces.


Rachel Nye

Hometown: Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Education: B.A. in Chemistry and Spanish, Washington and Jefferson College 2017
Joined the group: January 2018
Research: Rachel focuses on utilizing molecular layer deposition (MLD) to understand the nucleation and growth of polymer thin films.


Jungsik Kim

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Education: B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, Tohoku University 2012
M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, Tohoku University 2014
Joined the group: January 2018
Research: Jungsik studies Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition (AS-ALD) with cobalt and polymers.


Sarah Smith

Hometown: Edwardsville, Illinois
Education: B.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Kentucky 2017
B.S. in Materials Engineering, University of Kentucky 2018
Joined the group: December 2018
Research: Sarah will be studying new metal-organic framework (MOF) growth techniques and their use in various applications.

M.S. Students


Omar Alam

Hometown: Centreville, Virginia
Education: B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2018
Joined the group: January 2019
Research: Omar will be working with metal-organic frameworks.

B.S. Students


Antoine Gremaud

Hometown: Apex, North Carolina
Education: Materials Science and Engineering, B.S. Projected 2019
Joined the group: May 2016
Research: Antoine works primarily on a corrosion-reduction project for the Navy. He studies ways to reduce corrosion and prolong the lifetime of systems using copper pipes on Navy ships.


Sara Bartczak

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Education: Chemical Engineering, B.S. Projected 2019
Joined the group: August 2017
Research: Sara works with Heather to study MOF layer by layer synthesis of UiO66.


Jovenal Jamir

Hometown: Outer Banks, North Carolina
Education: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Nanoscience Concentration, Projected 2019
Joined the group: May 2017
Research: Joe focuses mainly on Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) and Oxidative Molecular Layer Deposition (oMOF) thin films.


Ali Davis

Hometown: Pfafftown, North Carolina
Education: Chemical Engineering, B.S. Projected 2019
Joined the group: January 2017
Research: Ali focuses on research with Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)


Alex Lerner

Hometown: Lexington, Massachusetts
Education: Chemical Engineering, Nanoscience Concentration, Materials Science Minor, B.S. Projected 2021
Joined the group: September 2018
Research: Alex works with area-selective molecular layer deposition (AS-MLD) on metal/dielectric substrates.


Christopher Downs

Hometown:  Jacksonville, North Carolina
Education: Chemical Engineering, Sustainability Concentration, B.S. Projected 2019
Joined the group: October 2018
Research: Chris works on creating and optimizing photoresist masks for polymer patterns and area selective deposition


Former Students:


Billy Nunn Trent Blevins Cailean Pritchard Hannah Gotsch Saif Hassan
Neal Lewis Allie Cox  Brent White Michael Hinkson Kraig Turner
Ian Woodward  Grant Hill  Jared Goldman

Group Alumni


Michael Fusco, Ph.D., Postdoc:
Michael joined Wolfspeed in Durham, NC in February of 2019.

Maryam Khazaee, Ph.D., Postdoc:
Maryam joined Intel in Phoenix, AZ in May of 2019.

Dennis Lee, Ph.D.:
Dennis began a postdoc position at Johns Hopkins University in May of 2019.

Wenyi Xie, Ph.D.:
Wenyi is helping out with the group as lab manager for a few months before starting a job.


Eric Stevens, Ph.D.:
Eric joined ASM in Phoeniz, AZ in June of 2018.


Ian Woodward, B.S.:
Ian is pursuing his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Delaware starting in the Fall of 2018.

Jennifer Ovental, Ph.D.:
Jenny joined Micross in Research Triangle Park, NC in June of 2018.
Mariah King, Ph.D.:
Mariah began teaching computational chemistry at the North Carolina School of Science and Math in August of 2018.


James Daubert, Ph.D.:
James joined Northrop Grumman in Baltimore, MD in July of 2017.

Paul Lemaire, Ph.D.:
Paul joined Lam Research Corporation in Tualatin, OR in June of 2017.

Zach Mundy, Ph.D.:
Zach joined the BASF Leadership Development Rotational Program in July of 2017.

Cheng Cheng, Ph.D.:
Cheng joined Applied Materials in Sane Jose, CA in May of 2017.



Junjie Zhao, Ph.D.:
Junjie will join Karen Gleason’s group at MIT as a postdoc in Fall 2016


Erinn Needham, Ph.D.:
Erinn will join Intel in Portland, OR in Fall 2016


Alex Brozena, Ph.D.:
Alex will focus on building up her technical editing business (
Mike Mantini:Mike joined the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at NC State University in June 2016



Moataz Mousa, Ph.D.:
Moataz joined ASM in Phoenix, AZ in November 2015


Berc Kalanyan, Ph.D.:
Berc joined NIST in Gaithersburg, MD in August 2015


Sarah Atanasov, Ph.D.:
Sarah joined Intel in Portland, OR in July 2015


Phil Williams, Postdoc:
Phil joined BASF in Detroit, MI in February 2015


Will Sweet

William Sweet, Ph.D.:
Will joined Northrup Grumman in Baltimore, MD in June 2014

Mark Losego

Mark Losego, Research Assistant Professor:
Mark joined Georgia Tech as an Assistant Professor
in Materials Science in August 2014
Losego Lab Website










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