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Scheme 1

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Abstract Image

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Abstract Image

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Abstract Image

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Graphical abstract: Fabrication of a freestanding metal organic framework predominant hollow fiber mat and its potential applications in gas separation and catalysis

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Abstract Image

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Figure 1

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Figure 1

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Figure 1

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Figure 1

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Figure 1

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Abstract Image

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Figure 1

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Abstract Image

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Abstract Image

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Abstract Image

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Figure 1

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Abstract Image

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 Graphical abstract: Intrinsic limitations of atomic layer deposition for pseudocapacitive metal oxides in porous electrochemical capacitor electrodes

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Abstract Image

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Abstract Image

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Catalytic “MOF-Cloth” Formed via Directed Supramolecular Assembly of UiO-66-NH2 Crystals on Atomic Layer Deposition-Coated Textiles for Rapid Degradation of Chemical Warfare Agent Stimulants

Chemistry of Materials. 2017

An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc. Object name is nihms897534f2.jpg

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 J.S. Daubert Abstract Media

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Fig 1_2016-04-26

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Inside front cover of Do Han Kim AMI journal article.

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Abstract Image

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Abstract Image

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Abstract Image

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