Jeremy, Pragyan, and Yujin Joins the Group!

Jeremy Thelven, Pragyan Jha, and Yujin Jang recently joined us to continue their academia journey! Jeremy and Pragyan are joining as Ph.D. students, and Yujin is joining as a Masters student.

Jeremy is originally from Sweden but completed his B.S. in both Physics and Chemistry at Rhodes College in Tennessee. Pragyan is from India where he completed his B. Tech in Chemical Engineering at Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy. Yujin is from South Korea where she did her B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Hoseo University. Jeremy, Pragyan, and Yujin are starting their exciting research journeys in the group studying multi-layer systems via ALD and ASD, atomic-scale surface modifications, and ASD of polymers via oxidative deposition techniques, respectively!